JCB Generators Australia offers an extensive range of high specification diesel generators to meet customer requirements for any power application Australia wide.

Each JCB generator is built to the highest specification to deliver outstanding reliability, high performance and increased efficiency.

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SGEnergy Diesel Generators are powered by genuine Kubota diesel engines, renown worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. 

Coupled with world-class Mecc Alte Alternators & Deepsea Controllers, SGEnergy Diesel Generators are a high-spec, durable generator built for rugged Australian Conditions.

Protect your Business: Where to Get Diesel Generators Geelong

How will a sudden electricity blackout or power failure affect your business? Will it turn away customers, completely halt operations, or even put your data and security at risk?

A diesel generator can help keep your business going even when electricity is suddenly cut off. Just like you always keep a fire extinguisher in case of a fire, a Diesel Generators Geelong provide can ensure you have a reliable back-up power supply.

Which businesses need a power generator?

Southern Generators and Electrical (SGH) is a Diesel Generators Geelong company. It has provided emergency power solutions for many different kinds of businesses—from small events companies to large hospitals and schools. It has also been the power provider of Melbourne’s largest events, including the Melbourne Commonwealth Games to the Australian Grand Prix.

  • Inns, hotels, resorts and casinos. Keep your guests safe and comfortable no matter what happens! Emergency generators can make sure that security cameras, elevators, lights, Internet and other communication services keep running.
  • Hospitals. Power is needed for emergency and critical care to continue.
  • Dining establishments/Seafood and Meat Facilities. Back-up power is vital for making sure that freezers keep running, and ingredients don’t spoil.
  • Retail stores. A power outage will immediately drive customers away, and compromise the security of your stores.
  • Banks and other data-centered companies. Any sudden power loss can damage computers and databases, or immobilize security systems.
  • States services. Schools, government facilities and centers, embassies, or “essential services” like water treatment and recycling centers can’t stop just because the electricity did.
  • Events companies. Get generators for outdoor events with no ready electricity connection, and back-up power for indoor events. Even when there’s a blackout, the show must go on!

Find the best Diesel Generators Geelong

Get your emergency power supply from a company you can trust. Here is why SGH is the choice for all kinds of businesses, from different industries.

  • Reputation for going the extra mile. Customers say the electrical team is always on hand to set things up, fix a problem, and make sure the generators are working well.
  • 24/7 customer support. Power emergencies can happen anytime – and if there’s a problem, they’re just a call away.
  • System sizes for your needs. The generators range from 3 to 1400 KVA, and there are also synchronized systems which can expand the capacity beyond the standard unit.
  • Complete services. SGH offers all kinds of generators, and other services such as site power audits, maintenance, and more.

Enquire now about Diesel Generators Geelong and get a customized emergency power solution today.

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