Diesel Generators Hire Traralgon

Diesel Generators Hire Traralgon & Emergency Power

If you’re looking for reliable diesel generators for hire Traralgon then look no further than SGH Southern Generators ; Electrical’s extensive range of portable, diesel-powered generators. We have a range of sizes available to suit any need, from small, hand-held generators to larger, more powerful units.

We have an extensive range of generators available for sale or rent in Traralgon , as well as ancillary equipment. We can provide a power solution to power the largest hospital or shopping centre down to a small event, anywhere in Traralgon , Australia or overseas. 24/7 support & service is also available.

Choose SGH Southern Generators ; Electrical

Our generators are perfect for powering a wide range of equipment, including power tools, computers, lights, air conditioners, industrial equipment, buildings, events, and more. We also stock a range of accessories, such as leads, connectors, and extension cords, to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done.

If you need any help choosing the right generator for your needs, our friendly team of electricians is always on hand to offer advice and assistance. We also offer a delivery and pick-up service, so you can have your generator delivered directly to your door. During the set-up process, our crew of engineers, technicians, and electricians will remain onsite to guarantee everything goes to plan.

We Are Here For You

For more than 20 years, SGH Southern Generators ; Electrical has served the greater Traralgon  area, helping to power local events, government facilities, and industrial applications. No matter the size or requirements of your business, industry, or event, we are prepared to support your power needs with dedication and pride.

For more information on our range of diesel generators for hire in the Traralgon  area, contact our head office today. We can be reached at 1300 350 706 or leave an inquiry on our dedicated homepage. Upon confirmation, we will reach out to you for more information about your electrical needs and begin the process of hiring out a suitable power generator.

For all your temporary power needs, SGH Southern Generators ; Electrical is here and prepared to find a solution.


We offer 24/7 emergency power solutions for many different industries. Whether using our generators as a primary power source, or as a backup supply, our technicians can arrange a system ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.


Southern Generators & Electrical have been specialists in the event hire industry for over 17 years, with branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra.

SGH specialises in providing power for large scale events that require an independant source of power through on-site generators and ancilliary equipment.



Southern Generators & Electrical offer comprehensive power solutions for a wide range of industries including:

  • Electrical Contracting
  • Manufacturing
  • Film and TV
  • General Hire Industry
  • Mining & Construction
  • Data Centres


Southern Generators & Electrical are trusted by many government & commercial organisations to provide their power needs, including Local Councils, the Department of Environment & Primary Industries, CFA, Melbourne Water, Hunter Water, Power Utility providers & many more..


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