The JCB 4-Cylinder Dieselmax engine powers world-class performance for the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal engine to fit our QS generators.

At the heart of this range, JCB’s 4-cylinder Dieselmax engine provides the power, delivering low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise to deliver superior performance, even in the harshest environments. A range of world-class components have also been fitted as standard to support the engine.

Prime: 107.7 kVA
Standby: 118.5 kVA
Engine: JCB G-TCA S2
Alternator : Mecce Alte HM250A2

Controller: DSE4510

  • Fully removable fuel tank for regions with poor fuel
  • 3-pole breakers as standard with 4-pole breakers available as an option
  • 285 litre fuel tank providing 12 hours of continuous running
  • Ergonomic DSE control panel as standard
  • Sound attenuated canopy delivers low noise levels
  • Optional single lifting point


The optional Deep Sea Electronics 4520 control panel includes a transfer switch for smooth changeover between mains and generator power in the event of mains failure – Giving you total control in the most challenging of situations.

The JCB Dieselmax ranges are phosphate dipped with a 9stg powder paint finish for excellent corrosion and UV resistance.

JCB’s heavy duty components and robust canopy, ensures quality and longevity from your product; all steel construction with no plastic components.

All of the QS range is fitted with features to cater for challenging environments, such as alternator protection, and a three-stage fuel filtration system and optional self-cleaning air filtration system to protect the engine from poor fuel quality and has a high capacity to capture debris and water. The compact canopy has gone through a precise design process to be as robust and practical as possible in order to minimise logistics costs for dealers and customers and withstand the most rugged environments.


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